This week we are trying a new internal comp to replace the Boys vs Girls. We have drawn names from a hat (bin really as I didn’t take my hat) and formed two teams:

The Misfits – Selected by Larry Wright
Larry Wright
Harold Archer
Alan Morris
Christine Widdall
David Harrison
David Reeve
Matthew Aspden
Sheila Goodyear
David Butterworth
John Widdall
Philip Wilde

All Girls Together – selected by Karen Shivas
Karen Shivas
Brian Dennett
Bob Hindley
Mike Donough
Mike Lawrence
Patrick Minnock
Shaun O’Hara
Trevor Chesworth
Maureen Glynn
Geoffrey Rees
Jeff Ollerhead
John Green

The rules are simple 20 images from each team not more than four from any one worker. The judge – Brian Law – will mark out of 20 the team with the highest aggregate score will win.

As soon as the final selection has been made I will put all the images online so you can see them.

Good Luck to both teams

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