L&CPU Results

Hi everyone

The L&CPU have posted the Annual Competition results on the web site. We didn’t enter prints this time, but we came a very creditable equal third in colour DPIs and 9th in Mono DPIs. Our position in nature was affected by not having enough entrants for a complete club score.

Christine Widdall was equal third in overall DPI Photographer of the year, just behind Adrian Lines of Chorley PS, with Austin Thomas of Wigan 10 winning. Christine also was awarded a certificate for “Punk” in the Monochrome section.

I hope that, as a club, we can grow and strengthen our entry in years to come. Why should we not take on the big clubs at their own game? Very well done to everyone who entered. It is a joint effort and one to be proud of.

The full results can be downloaded from the L&CPU password protected portal by our Competition Secretary, Mike, so that you can see your individual scores in due course.

Below: Punk, scored 13.

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