Ted Coleman Cup

Oldham PS took part in the Ted Coleman Cup at Rochdale & District CC and was attended by 5 members, on Tuesday 24th May. The event was well attended by 14 clubs…in fact the room was so full that I doubt anyone else could have been squeezed in there!

How it works

The competition requires 13 images and there is an element of tactics required. Four images have to be chosen for round 1…after round 1, the two clubs with the lowest score are eliminated. Four more images are then selected for round 2 and then the bottom four clubs are eliminated…then four images are selected for round 3 and at the end of round three only the top 2 clubs go forward to the final, using their 13th image. Consequently it’s a challenge for the selectors to keep their club in the competition, but still leave a really strong image to the end.

Our Photographers

OPS used images from Alan Morris, Mike Lawrence, Christine Widdall, Larry Wright, Karen Shivas, Matt Aspden and Shaun O’Hara.

The Judge

Colin Douglas from St Helens CC


We survived to round 3 but were eliminated at that point. Due to a tie for 2nd place, three clubs contested the final, Prestwich Co-op, Blackburn and Huddersfield and the winner was Huddersfield, the only non-L&CPU club. Congrats to Huddersfield for 13 really great images. The standard throughout was very high. Well done also to RDCC for their organisation of the contest. But I’d also like to say congratulations to our own OPS members for a fine effort and scores out of a possible 80 of 72, 76 and 74 in the three rounds.

Round 1 scores

A Walk in Winter (Alan) 17

Charles Bridge (Matt) 17

The Offer (Christine) 20

Q (Shaun) 18

The Offer - score 20

Round 2 scores

The Cyclists (Alan) 20

Platforms 6 and 7 (Alan) 20

Rachael (Larry) 19

Just a hint of warpaint (Mike) 17

The Cyclists - score 20

Platform 6&7 - score 20

Round 3 scores

Tribal (Shaun) 18

Dandelion (Karen) 18

Tiffany  (Larry) 18

My Precious (Chris) 20

My Precious - score 20

Our 13th image was not used, due to our elimination after round 3 but  it would have been “The Secret” by Chris Widdall.

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