Monday’s Round-up

Welcome to the first Monday round up of interesting stuff.

Before I get into the round-up I would like to ask for your ideas for our first OPS assignment. For those who did not make it to the last “Show and Talk”, which was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable meetings for some time, we had a chat about doing some assignment or project that would stretch us a little as photographers, perhaps something we don’t usually do. This is a no pressure, join in if you feel like it thing. We will publish some of the results/examples on the blog. I’m quite excited by this and from the reaction of the members who were there, so are you. So post your ideas in the comments or talk to one of the council members. Lets keep the excitement and interest going.

A simple and therefore easy to understand quick reference to exposure compensation with in-camera metering: from David Fenwick’s blog, he is a professional photographer from Sandwich, lots of other useful tips there too.

Another excellent resource on exposure is the tutorial from Neil van Niekerk off his Planet Neil blog.

This one is a little old but no the less worth a read Tripod Terror Alert. From the Infamous Scott Kelby, author photoshop guru and a mighty fine photographer to boot. His blog is always worth a look

This is even older but still very relevant UK Photographers Rights Guide from this page you can download and print out a two sided PDF of your rights as a photographer. There is also a huge mass of fascinating and useful information in the more than 300 comments and replies. Perhaps this is something we could look at in more detail at a later date?

Here are some great examples on improving images for competition with lots of before and after shots Jonathan Penney competition print showcase. I’ve picked up a few useful tips from here.

This is one of my old favourite before and afters: Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton

Straight from camera:

Ricky Hatton Original – straight from camera

Final image after a little work in Photoshop:

Ricky Hatton Final version

Having shown Ricky and what can be done it is always much better to get it right in camera and then only use Photoshop or similar software to add the final tweaks to get the best out of the already great shot(unfortunately I don’t seem to have a great abundance of those to show).

For those of you that get about to far flung places and fancy a chance at £1000 Travel Photographer of the Year Awards 2008 has just opened, closing date September 9th 2008

There is still time to enter the Take a View – Landscape Photographer of the Year 2008 with a top prize of £10,000. This is the second year it has run and is the brainchild of the famous Charlie Waite. Closing date July 12th 2008.

That’s it for now. Go out and have some fun with your camera, just watch out for the terrorist tripods or worse the tripod police.


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