Summerschool on Basic Portrait Lighting - Gavin led a summerschool workshop last week exploring how changing lighting angles and strength will affect the final image. Our model for the night, Alaine, did a wonderful job, over and above the call of duty, holding up the reflector Continue reading →
Changes to Competitions – notes from the council meeting, July 2019 – Please read!!! - Change to entry numbers It’s wonderful that we have so many members entering competitions…and especially the number now entering prints. However, this means that the number of images for judges to comment on has gradually risen over the last year Continue reading →
First Quarterly Best Images - Last Thursday the First Quarterly 2019-20 was judged by Graham Currey from South Manchester CC. The following Galleries show the images that scored top marks of 20. Prints Projected Images Continue reading →
L&CPU Individuals Competition Report (OPS Members) - L&CPU Individuals Competition 2019 retained prints.
Eddie’s trophy haul! - Did Eddie really win all these trophies at the Annual Competitions? Here he is with his haul of trophies. Many congratulations, Eddie. Come on now members…give him some strong opposition next year! Photo by Gavin Taylor Continue reading →
This Week’s Featured Website - This week’s featured website is by our Treasurer, John Widdall. It was originally dedicated to panoramic photography, when making perfectly stitched panoramas was difficult and technical. Now that editing software and even phones can stitch panoramas seamlessly, the site has Continue reading →