Anniversary Dinner

On Thursday 18th May, 37 members and friends attended a dinner to celebrate the society’s 150th anniversary, held at the Old Bill restaurant in Oldham. Special guests were Gordon Jenkins, President of the PAGB, accompanied by Dianne Owen, and Garth Tighe President of the L&CPU.

Before the meal, an award was made to Mike Lawrence, placing him on the of Roll of Honour of the L&CPU. The citation was given by Garth Tighe and reflected on the service that Mike has given over many years to both his club and to the Federation.

After the meal, short speeches were made by Gordon Jenkins and Garth Tighe and a presentation on researching the society’s history was jointly made by Christine Widdall, the Oldham PS President, aided and abetted by Mike Lawrence, who was dressed in a Victorian inspired outfit.

From the left, Brenda Donough, Mike Donough (OPS Secretary), Dianne Owen, Gordon Jenkins (PAGB President), Christine Widdall (Oldham PS President), John Widdall (Treasurer), Gareth Tighe (L&CPU President)

Mike Lawrence (centre) being presented with the Roll of Honour medal by L&CPU President, Garth Tighe with Gordon Jenkins, PAGB President (right).

Garth Tighe, Christine Widdall and Gordon Jenkins


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