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A number of member organisations of the British Photographic Exhibitions run UK Open Exhibitions on an annual basis. The exhibitions are open to anyone, club member or not, and candidates submit their work by post or electronically for judging. Judging sessions are usually held in private with a single judge or a group of three. The best work from the exhibitions will be “accepted” and the very top work “awarded”. Points awarded for accepted and awarded works can be accumulated towards BPE Crown awards.

There are five crown awards: the lowest being BPE1* (25 points) and the highest BPE5* (300 points). Exhibitors can aggregate their points gained and on reaching the appropriate number of points may apply, without charge, for a crown award rating. Salons may accept prints, slides, AV or virtual images or a combination.

Individuals achieving the five crown award become eligible to aggregate further acceptances and awards to gain the ABPE (associateship) and FBPE (fellowship) of British Photographic Exhibitions.

Below is a small gallery of work that has been accepted and received awards in BPE exhibitions.
For more information of how to enter, go to British Photographic Exhibitions.

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