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Where are the Competition Rules?

You can download the latest competition rules from the Download Competition Rules page

Who may enter competitions at Oldham PS?

Only bona fide members of Oldham Photographic Society may enter.

How do I enter the competitions?

All competitions are entered through our competition entry portal. The competition secretary will set you up on the portal and you will have your own username and password. Log in, find the current competition and follow the instructions on screen. The competition will be opened by the competition secretary and will be closed before the competition is judged. Entries cannot be uploaded once the competition is closed.

What size must my PDI image be?

Projected digital images (PDI) must fit within a rectangular measurement of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. Not all images will be exactly that shape (aspect ratio). For example, square images will measure 1200×1200 pixels. Panoramics will be 1600 px wide but much less than 1200 px high. Portait shaped images will be 1200 px high but much less than 1600 px wide.
See the menu item: Preparing images for projected image competitions for full instructions.

How can I enter prints through the portal?

In the same way as PDI. We use the uploaded images for admin purposes and sometimes to project on the night alongside the prints. You must bring your print on the night of the competition and it must correspond to the image that you uploaded.

How big must an actual print be?

A print may be any size or shape to fit on a 50cmx40cm standard size mount board.

The portal requires an “entry”. Why is an entry sometimes one image and sometimes a set of several images?

This is to determine how it is projected on the night. In a Quarterly competition, for example, each image is judged separately and is randomised with the rest of the entries. In a panel competitions, appraisals and challenge aftermaths etc., several images will be shown in sequence in a single entry.

How do I enter an appraisal or challenge?

In the same way as a competition. The number of images in an appraisal or challenge may be different to a competition, as the entries are not judged.

How are my images used once they have been in the competition?

The best entries from the competitions may be used on the website and in interclub battles or external L&CPU/PAGB competitions, so long as you have marked them for publishing. If you mark your images not to be published from the competitions, we will not use them without explicit permission.

If I mark my competition images not to be published, how can I later allow my images to be used in external battles, L&CPU and PAGB competitions?

There is a special place on the portal where you can upload images that you would like to have considered for use by the club in external competitions. It is called “General competition bank”. You can enter up to 100 images…but please keep it up to date!

Who chooses the images from the portal to be used in external competitions?

The competition secretary(ies) will choose the entry. They will choose what they believe will be the strongest entry.

Why may I not enter my PDI images on the night of the competition/appraisal?

Setting up the competition takes time and if you bring entries on the night it takes up valuable time and we may not be ready to start by 7:30 pm. This would be very discourteous to the judge.

Why does the Portal reject my image?

The portal is set to reject images that do not comply with the rules. This may be because the file format is not JPEG, the image is too big (10MB) or the embedded Colour Profile is not sRGB IEC61966-2.1. You will need to correct the problem and upload again.

Why do my images have to be in sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Most viewing devices cannot show all the colours that we can see. The way we use to reduce the number of colours and still have a quality image is by converting to different ‘colour profiles’. The attached ‘profiles’ tell the viewing device how to convert the numbers in the file to the correct colours. When the wrong profile is used the colours will be displayed incorrectly. We use sRGB IEC61966-2.1 to display/view all our images in competition.

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On 21st March, we hosted the Adrian Deaville Trophy, in memory of a young man who tragically died in an air crash. The 4 clubs from Oldham and Rochdale get together every year to remember him. Christine is photographed here receiving the award for the winning club, Oldham Photographic Society, on behalf of the Society's members. The Judge was David Butler from Southport PS.

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