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Last Thursday’s AV competition night was made a great success by our judge John Smith (the famous alias) from Rochdale. John is well known in the AV world and always gives a positive appraisal of our work. There were only four entries this year, but what a mixture of subject matter and styles!!

First up was Sheila’s thoroughly enjoyable version of a period event at Crich.  As always, Sheila had paid great attention to the visual aspect of her AV, which was carried along by appropriately chosen music and an interesting script.

David Butterworth had dipped his toe into the AV pool for the first time and did a great job. Not only did he get to grips with the digital tools, but he got around the need for music licenses by performing the background music himself. Well done to David.

Sheila and Maureen jointly made an AV on Auschwitz – a solemn reminder of the Holocaust. Using haunting music and monochrome images, the piece had just the right atmosphere.

Lastly was a mad dash through decorating a room by Mike Lawrence….from start to finish in about 5 minutes! Wish I had a decorator that fast.

Sheila’s AV won the competition and then John showed us a couple of his own AV’s and spent the rest of the evening giving a thorough overview of the new features of Pictures to Exe, the software that we all use.

I was so enthused by the evening, I set about writing the scrip for my next AV and can’t wait to get started.

Thanks John!