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The L&CPU Annual Club Competition judging took place at Elm Bank, Eccles on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March. This was an exciting weekend for those who could get there. The judges were: Richard Speirs DPAGB, APAGB, BPE2, Howard Tate MA(Phot), ARPS, APAGB, AFIAP and John Cartlidge APAGB, EFIAP/p, BPE5.

Each year we enter the PDI section of the L&CPU Annual Club Competitions, with the hope of scoring high enough to qualify to compete in the National Club PDI championships run by the PAGB at Warwick. Usually, that means coming in the top two clubs. However, we were expecting that this year would be easier, since Wigan 10, Chorley, Southport and North Cheshire PS had already pre-qualified for Warwick, by coming in the top eight at the nationals last year, so their results wouldn’t be relevant, for qualifying purposes, in these competitions.

Mike and Christine did pull out all the stops when making their selection. We always try to win, and to our great surprise and delight, this time we did, for the first time ever. This means that, again, we will be going to Warwick in July to compete in the PAGB Inter-club PDI Championships.

Thanks need to go to our fantastic members…regardless of how well each individual image performed, they all contributed to our win. Individual members have had their marks emailed to them and can also register on the L&CPU competitions portal so that they can always look up their own scores and history of competitions entered.

Next year we would like to have enough prints to enter the print competition as well so please let’s have all your best prints for the bank.

Final Club Rankings – PDI (Totals for both Open and Nature Sections)ClubTotal Score
1stOldham PS296
2ndWigan 10 Foto Club 293
3rdChorley PS292

The gallery below shows our top scoring images, each scoring 13 to 15 (15 being the maximum possible):