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It’s another bank holiday Monday and it had thrown me a little off kilter (again) so this week’s round-up is coming at you a day late. It is also a short one this week but there are still a couple of goodies.

First here is an absolute gem from the people at Google (Google is one of those wonderful places to work where you are encouraged to work on what you want, get free food… have a look Google Jobs). If you have not read the book by Joe McNally The Moment it Clicks you must watch this YouTube video

I’m just reading it and it is a superb insight into the life of a top professional photojournalist, with loads of tips and fantastic photos.

Just how much depth of field you can achieve with a given lens is something that is always useful and unless you have a great memory or a brain that can do the maths (I have neither) you need some sort of calculator. Try this one, DOFmaster Free Depth of Field calculator that can be printed out four use in the field also FREE version to run on your Palm OS hand held computer. Thanks to Rui M. Leal for finding this little beauty, have a look at his blog Lighting Mods for other fascinating DIY lighting and photo tips.

Here is a list of the most important and influential books on photography that isn’t – interesting non-the-less, as Mike Johnston, The Online Photographer often is – “The 10-25 Books“.

I still need some ideas for projects we can tackle. How about “Night Photography” or “Self-Portraits”. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or two.