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  • Create a photo essay with up to 10 images (if you really can’t do it in 10, keep the number as close to 10 as you can).
  • Try to tell a story with your images. Traditionally words accompany the text, either simple titles or brief captions or explanatory notes of a couple of sentences, but it’s fine if you can tell your story just in pictures.
  • Mono or colour…but try not to use special effects – it’s photojournalism not creative photography that we are looking for.
  • Use any subject of your choice; it’s especially good if there is an emotional basis to the story.
  • If you are submitting jpgs on the night …1600×1200 pixels is the size. Number them 01 to 10 so they appear projected in the correct order.
  •  You can make a powerpoint or pictures to exe presentation if you like, where words are included on the slides OR you can simply submit jpg images.
  • Please do not include music. Photo Essay is traditionally published in a magazine or book, so it is words and pictures.
  • The aftermath (when you bring in your work) is in June – before that, we have the “aftermath” of the high and low key challenge on 13th April, so there is plenty of time.
  • There are plenty of photo essays on the web to give you ideas of how to work.
  • When you submit your work on the night, please put it in a folder with your name on so that we can easily identify your work.
  •  You can submit as many photo essays as you want and we will show one from each member in turn until there is no more time available, so expect that some might not be able to be shown if there is a large number. If some cannot be shown on the night, we’ll do our best to find another evening when we can slot in the rest…so that we can see all the work that has been produced.

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