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Our annual battle against Rochdale & District CC and Oldham CC ended in a decisive win for Oldham PS. The judge was Terry Hewitt from Stockport.

Final Scores were:

Oldham PS  PDI: 176, Prints: 174, TOTAL: 350 (Winners)

Oldham CC PDI: 166, Prints: 167, TOTAL: 333 (Second)

Rochdale DCC PDI: 165, Prints: 167, TOTAL: 332 (Third)

In addition to the cup, which our President received, there are always two individual prizes, for the best print and the best projected image, which are donated by Barry and Joyce Deaville and are always bottles of single malt whiskey.

This year, the print prize was awarded to Eddie Leach for “Mr Mud” and the PDI prize went to Christine Widdall for “Prim and Proper”. See below.

Mr Mud, winner of best print – by Eddie Leach
Prim and Proper – winner of best PDI – by Christine Widdall

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