Evening meeting at Dovestones

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Below: A great group photo taken by six year old Isabel, who accompanied her dad and other society members on the OPS outing to Dovestones (Saddleworth) on the evening of Thursday 22nd June. This is one of the earliest locations that our Victorian members visited and where founding member Samuel Beverley took the prize-winning photograph with which he advertised his photographic skills afterwards…but in those days the valley had not been flooded to make a reservoir.

Dovestones and surrounding areas are beautiful places to enjoy a walk, photographing scenery and spotting wildlife. The lovely conditions on the photo might indicate that we had a great evening of photography. Ah, but…

Eddie valiantly sat in the grass hoping for that prize insect to come along to test out his new camera and lens, whilst others braved crossing the brook to access the water’s edge, which didn’t work out too well either. Alas, as often happens, the clouds quickly gathered, the wind whipped up, the light went and photography came to a sudden and premature end. Six members subsequently went on to a local hostelry where the rest of the evening passed very pleasantly!