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Oldham PS took part in the L&CPU Annual Club Knockout Competition on Saturday 18th November, at Elm Bank Conference Centre, Eccles. It was a really enjoyable evening, with free entry and free refreshments. The club entry required 8 images, with no more than two from any member, none of which could have been previously entered into any L&CPU competition. Our submission comprised images from six members, Eddie, Brianna, Christine, Andrea, Sandra and Jason. Due to the high number of clubs competing (40), each club had its entry culled to just the first four images, which had to be from four separate members.

Five members of Oldham PS were present, including Wendy, who is one of the L&CPU Competition Secretaries and was running the software, Eddie and Brianna, then Christine and Mike arrived in Steampunk attire on their way back from an event near Chorley and much to the amusement of some present!

The Judge was Simon Allen MPAGB EFIAP APAGB from Dumfries Camera Club, Scotland, who gave a commentary on each photograph, as it was knocked out of the competition, skillfully balancing the positive aspects of the image with weaker points. It was a hard task as there were some really excellent images to be seen. Each image was given a score as it was knocked out, which was the number of the round in which it was eliminated. So, sadly, a very few clubs received only 4 points on the night, as all their images were dispatched in the first round. About 50% of the total 160 images were knocked out in the first round with about half of the remaining going in Round 2. The images were then efficiently whittled down to a final round containing just Simon’s favourite 5 images.

Winning Image

One of the five final images was our Brianna’s “Nicholas Hough Hurdles” (below) and we kept our fingers crossed as Simon described what he liked about each of his five favourite images. We were totally delighted that Brianna’s image was chosen as the best one.

These are our four images used. The rugby and character portrait shots (by Andrea and Christine respectively) were lost in Round 2. Eddie’s excellent and unusual Pole Vaulter “Sam Talbot Plant and Takeoff” managed to hang on to Round 6:

Winning Club

We awaited with excitement the Club results. Sadly we missed out by just 2 points from winners Wigan 10 (with 20 points) and Second Place Chorley PS (19 points). But a joint third place for Oldham PS (with 18 points) was really commendable, especially when you consider that only 4 images were used.

Brianna with her Award

Here is Brianna Gilligan with Rob Hockney (L&CPU President) and Simon Allen MPAGB EFIAP APAGB (Judge)