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For information on how we use your images, please read the “How we use your pictures on the OPS website”, which is also found on the “Infobank” link on the main menu.

Front Page Panoramic

The new-look website features a large panoramic style image on the front page. If you would like to submit images for consideration, please email or dropbox them to the webmaster (Chris Widdall). For now, the theme is landscape or urban and the parameters are:-

  • Landscape or urban images taken within the Oldham boundaries.
  • Cropped to exactly 1500 x 570 pixels.
  • No copyright symbol or other watermark visible.
  • Not composite.

I will then try out the submitted photographs and select those that work best…the front page loads a header image at random each time the page is refreshed…at present three header images are loaded, and I am looking for about three more.

Picture credits are not given for the header images but of course you still retain the copyright and you can embed your copyright symbol in your image metadata before or during export. Be aware that images can be stolen and re-used and 1500 pixels is a useful size. The society can not be held responsible for the theft of your images.


If you want an image gallery of your own (see examples at this link), choose what you would like to represent your style.

  • Make all the pictures the same size on the long edge (choose either 600 px or 800 px on the long edge for the whole set) and save as a high or med quality jpg.
  • You may add a copyright symbol or water mark of your choice but please make all of them the same, to give the page a cohesive look.
  • Try to choose some of your best images…remember this is the showcase for our work!
  • Please supply either 4, 8 or a maximum 12 images for a set. You may change them at any time just by letting me know.

Link to your website

Members can have a link to their own website(s) on the links page just by asking. Just email or FB message me with your link. The latest site added on the links page is Andy Kerr. Do have a look!


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