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“Composite photography can take your photographs to a world where the limits are your own imagination!”

Hi Folks. Last week, Eddie presented the creative photomontage challenge with lots of inspiring images to whet your appetite. We are covering many of the subjects that you need to help you to get started, on our facebook creative photography group. Below the squirrels, I have posted some of the links that we have been sharing, which should help you to learn the processes. To see everything that we share, you need to have a facebook account and join the group…but I think the most useful articles are here and I will update with anything really helpful that comes in.

However, it isn’t just about processes. Try to make good designs and make your images tell a story. Now, all that limits you is having a viable idea and developing the skill to pull it off. A tip from me: don’t try to run before you can walk! Start off with just one image and a background and try to get them to match in perspective, colours and mood. Pay attention to matching the direction and the quality of the light. Ensure that you create shadows where they are needed.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see what everyone produces for the “aftermath” evening on 12th April. Meanwhile, there is an appraisal meeting on 1st February, when you can bring along your “works in progress” to receive friendly and constructive feedback.


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