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The FIAP World Cup 2022 Presentation was held at Smethwick PS on 9th July 2023. The headquarters of FIAP are in Paris, so the presentations have often been made there, or in another European city such as Athens. Unusually, this year, the presentation was made in the UK, because six of the top ten clubs were UK clubs. Winners, Rolls Royce PS were present and ourselves, Oldham PS, to receive our fifth place award.

A number of FIAP Board of Directors attended, including President Riccardo Busi, Vice President Freddy Van Gilbergen, General Secretary Ioannis Lykouris, David Tay Poey Cher and Herbert Gmeiner. Also present was Michele Macinai, Director of the World Cup for Clubs. MIke Lawrence, our President was presented with our Honourable Mention Award by Ioannis Lykouris and Michele Macinai.

Here are some photos from the event. Also attending were Daphne Hanson, the PAGB President, Howard Tate, FIAP Liaison Officer for the UK, David Coates, retiring FIAP Liaison Officer for the UK and Paul Stanley, FIAP Liaison Officer for the Republic of Ireland.

For the report on our entry, see our original post, complete with the pictures that we entered, at this link.