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OCC Mono Print Competition

For the first time since “lockdown”, our neighbouring club, Oldham CC re-instated their Monochrome Print Competition. Fourteen clubs took part, each providing a set of seven monochrome prints. With 98 images on the night, Judge Gordon Jenkins had a difficult task to sort them all out, which he performed with his usual good-natured enthusiasm, marking each image out of 20.

Winning Club

By the end of the night, from all 14 clubs, 19 images were held back to receive marks between 18 and 20, including six of our seven, the seventh only just missing out by one mark, so it already looked very promising for us as a club, well, basically we already couldn’t lose!

Our entry comprised the following images, shown in the gallery below:
“Lucy Ducket 434 Hurdles” by Eddie Leach (scored 20), “Brianna” by Christine Widdall (scored 20), “Intensity” by Eddie Leach (scored 19), “Nicholas Hough Hurdles” by Brianna Gilligan (scored 19), “The King’s Man” by Christine Widdall (scored 19), “Say a Little Prayer” by Sandra Walker (scored 17) and “St Anne’s vs Ellenborough”  by Andrea Wilson (scored 18). Please remember that the digital images here, in every case, do not do full justice to a mounted A3 exhibition print.

We scored a combined total of 132 out of a possible maximum of 140, leaving Oldham Photographic Society easily the winning club about 8 marks ahead of our nearest rival. So we won…again…and well done to Mike, our Competition Secretary for his selection of our entry and all whose images went to make our evening a success.

Winning Print

The “Best Print Overall” was chosen to be “Brianna” by Christine Widdall, from Oldham Photographic Society, whose print quality Gordon enjoyed very much.

“Brianna” by Christine Widdall

Our Full Print Entry