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The 150th anniversary of Oldham PS will take place in May this year and lots of preparations are in place to celebrate it. Firstly, a members commemorative book is planned, which will be printed on demand, probably by Blurb. We will be holding a special dinner during the week of the anniversary, when Mike and Christine will show a short presentation based on the society’s history.

The picture above is one of our archive photographs. We don’t know the author of this work, though Travis Burton is an obvious candidate as he was known for his beautiful architectural photographs, specialising in historic buildings and cathedrals. This photograph shows Canterbury Cathedral, the tomb of the Black Prince, who died in 1376.

Christine is also writing a book, which ties in the history of photography and of the town of Oldham with the history of the Society. It has been a major task but is now at the proof reading stage. She intends to publish this using the Amazon “on demand” printing process and it will hopefully be available in May. The book will be entitled “A Victorian Society”.

Our 150th Exhibition will be held at Gallery Oldham from 15th July until the 26th August (so put that date in your diary)…that will tell the story of Oldham PS around the walls and will feature current pictures from our members on a continuous slide show. The story is to be told on posters using pictures and text to tell our story. We will also have the use of some glass cases, in which we can display some historic materials, like the first minute book, some old cameras, cartes-de-visite and so on. If members have any photographic artefacts that they would like to offer to have displayed, please see Chris Widdall or Mike Lawrence. Other members on the anniversary subcommittee are John Widdall and Mike Donough and they can also be approached with any suggestions.




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